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Waterproof Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Cat Litter Mat
Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

Waterproof Cat Litter Mat

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When you’ve got cats, you know firsthand how annoying it can be when they track litter out onto the floor after they’re done using the bathroom. While you love your precious kitties, cleaning up their scattered litter can be a real pain. Keep your floors clean with our Waterproof Cat Litter Mat!

No More Vacuuming, Less Sweeping and Easy Maintenance!

It can be used in front of their litter box and captures all the tiny granules before they have a chance to bounce across the floor or get stuck to your socks or bare feet. Designed to be completely waterproof to prevent accidents and to catch debris between two rubber layers keeping your home cleaner!


  • Time Saving: Reduce the time you spend vacuuming and sweeping by up to 5X. Our mat constantly collects scattered cat litter and the mat's soft bumps design prevents litter tracking.
  • Re-usable and Traps Litter: Soft honeycomb design and textured surface catch litters of cat kicked out or stuck to furry paws.Litters fall through to the second layer instead of getting pushed off onto the floor and can easily transfer back to the litter box. It is safe and comfortably soft for your kitty’s paws.
  • Easy to Clean: One way open edge allows for easy cleaning under sink head, shower head, or shake off. And just spread the edge out, you can easily pour the unused litter back into the cat litter box by lifting the lightweight mat.
  • Water Resistant Layer: The premium water-proof bottom layer keeps wooden floor dry, it is also lightweight, durable and anti-slip as well as foldable for easy storage. An extra urine pad can be added for more convenient cleaning.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Leanna Stamm

Apparently this litter mat doubles as a comfy bed. Going from no litter mat in for this box to using this new mat there is a noticeable decrease in litter strewn across the floor, which is what I wanted. The cats certainly don't mind the texture so they have no problems with it either. Would recommend.

Jocelyn Gorczany

I was pleased to receive this new litter mat and find that it works very well. The litter falls down the holes and is not seen so it looks clean all the time. Very few granules are being tracked off the mat and I see the litter falling down through to the lower layer to be poured out later.

Allene Hammes

This does the trick, captured litter well and keeps the occasional wet bit off the floor. When it’s dirty I take it out and stick it over a patio chair, use spray cleaner and hose it off.

Felipe VonRueden

This litter mat works well! I no longer get litter stuck to my feet when I walk in my bathroom thanks to this mat!

The only thing is it's smaller than I thought it would be so I will have to buy another seeing as my cats spray litter alllll over 😅. That is my fault though as I really should have measured my bathroom before hand.

All in all this is a great mat and everyone should buy it !

Melisa Hoppe

Finally! A mat that actually catches 99% of the tracked litter. My cat likes to take a running leap from the litter box. This mat is fabulous! If her paws touch it the litter stays there. Honestly I was surprised at how well it works. Not the most expensive version of this. Well worth it!