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Free shipping Worldwide🌍


We are J and T the owners of Pets Treat. 

We are located in Sunny California. T - Growing up in CA with horses, dogs, cats and even chickens. Guess you can say I'm a farm girl, haha. I have always loved animals. J- growing up in Ohio, I had a few cats over the years. Im mostly heavy into cars and helping people. We got inspired because they're are so many dogs & cats that are abused and mistreated. And I just praise the people operating shelters and rescues. Wish I could save them all, but this little contribute will help. Check out the site and please help support our cause for the paws. 

Thank you so much for stopping in.

Pets Treat Team   



 We all know that these pets love us more than they love themselves.

For that reason, we have created something amazing for you!