English Mastiff is ranked on the top in the list of top 5 big dog breeds. This big dog breed is truly recognized by American Kennel Club.  English Mastiffs grow up to 30 inches high. These big dog breeds weigh the maximum amount as 250 pounds. English Mastiff holds the record of the heaviest and tallest dog.

Their size may be an important part of the breed’s past purpose, including blood sports cherish harassment bears, bulls, and lions. Today, however, they’re merely mild giants, rental those lionhearted and fearless aspects of the breed’s temperament sit on the rear burner whereas the mellow, good-tempered and dependable sides move. they will build wonderful family dogs as they’re thus easy-going. thus if your youngsters are soliciting for either a dog or a pony, well! it’s not like size ought to issue into your decision.


The most ancient of French dog breeds, the Dogue First State Bordeaux (“Mastiff of Bordeaux”) was around even before France was France. This Dogue de Bordeaux dog breed comes on the second number in the list top 5 big dog breeds. These big dogs are very loyal, loving, and protecting.

Your dog should only need bathing a couple of times per year. Dogue de Bordeaux is a vigilant and fearless protector by nature but is by no means considered an aggressive breed. They are affectionate to their close family and love to spend much time with their owners. However, they can be wary of strangers. With a long history as guard dogs, they do still make exceptional guard dogs today.


Irish Wolfhound is ranked on 3rd in the list of top five large and big dog breeds. These wolfhounds are good as family pets. They are also good with other pets like dogs, cats, etc. These big dog breeds are somehow very aggressive. Their life expectancy is normally 6-10 years and their origin in Ireland.  Irish wolfhounds are considered as good as watchdogs. They can easily attack and kill wolves.

The Irish wolfhound is the tallest of all dogs. The minimum height should be 32 inches for males and 30 inches for females. The weight of this wolfhound upwards of 140 pounds.

Although the English mastiff is as tall as a miniature horse, the Irish wolfhound is equal to a donkey.


German Shorthaired Pointer is a true hunting and gun dog. They are basically developed in the 19th century in Germany for hunting.  These big dog breeds are bold, intelligent, strong, and playful. This shorthaired pointer requires lots of physical exercises. But if properly trained, the GSP makes the ideal companion for owners with an active lifestyle and a love for the outdoors. Otherwise, this headstrong breed may prove to be too much of a challenge for a first-time owner who isn’t ready to be a pack leader.


An ancient breed, Anatolians (or some variation of them) are believed to be referenced in some of the earliest books of the Bible. This breed is smart and insanely protective of the people they love—which means they need a leader who can handle a strong and dominating personality. Weighing up to 150 pounds, many of these dogs are still working ranch dogs.

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