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Our Brand is all about supporting the cause of stray dogs and cats who are unfortunate to find a friend who can take care of them. By giving a percentage of our revenue to the Animal Rescue & Shelter Organizations, they can rescue these pets & feed them and take good care of these beautiful souls.

Cats and dogs are one of the most pet friendly animals for humans. They are known as human's best friend.

There aren't enough pet owners who can take care of these beautiful souls so some of them are out on the streets by themselves.

There are many shelter homes who provide these stray dogs and cats with food and shelter. These shelter homes require some funding to keep up with this good work.


We all know that these pets love us more than they love themselves.

For that reason, we have created something amazing for you!

Instead of donating to our cause, you can just purchase any gift for your pets from our different collections, whether that's pet toys or pet supplies! 

A part of your purchase will directly go to the Animal Rescue & Shelter Organizations at the end of every month!